Our Team

Our diligent team of experts work tirelessly and passionately to provide a flawless range of automotive parts and accessories that exceed our competitors and are High Performance.

Our customers want the best, so we give them the best.

A combined force that ensures a streamlined production process; our team of Engineers, Designers, Technicians, Technologists right through to our Sales and Marketing Team, Warehousing Logistics Managers and Quality Control officers offer an edge that sets the benchmark for Automotive Parts Globally.

Our Production Facility is a model of progressive technology and we have a systematic commitment to Quality that is uncompromising guaranteeing assurance for our Affiliated clients.

Quality Assurance

We apply Australian Standards and Durability Testing for all of our products. Quality control measures are executed at every level of production. Our precision team of Quality Controllers perform inspection checks right from the stage of material procurement to final dispatch.

Staff Education

Grand Parts Australasia is committed to education and research and undergoes regular training to keep our company at the forefront of Market Demands.